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Everyone knows big corp­orations are the problem

They control everything - supply chains, paying off politicians, the works. To turn the tides on the climate crisis, large corporations must join the fight.

Doom + gloom is boring (and doesn’t work)

It’s hard to stay motivated with chronic existential anxiety. Everyone who’s been fighting the good fight is burned out. Marches, arrests, nasty rhetoric... we’re exhausted. It’s time to try something new.

Fun is more fun

You know what’s fun? Pranking people.

When lots of people take visible, funny actions it rapidly increases awareness and generates massive corporate pressure.

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Pranks work

5 people dressed up in Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes and chained themselves to the gates at Disney headquarters, which forced Disney to switch their entire army of 10k publishers to recycled paper.

About 30 people in dying chicken suits got every big restaurant chain in the US to start using cage-free eggs. Imagine what a few hundred thousand of us could do - or a few million.

And it’s not just small(ish) change that’s possible:

Food stamps

UNFK leadership led a campaign to modernize Food Stamps ($80 billion federal program) after the USDA wouldn’t accept Food Stamps online.

Provocative content with dozens of celebs highlighting all the things you can buy online (guns, drugs, tanks, dildos) was released and went viral.

Within 6 months of releasing the campaign, over 350,000 petition signatures were gathered with national op-eds from the Washington Post down.

Within 6 months USDA capitulated and agreed to a plan to bring Food Stamps online.

As a result, a bi-partisan group of congress-people invited UNFK leadership to testify before congress for 3 hours on improving the Food Stamp program.

Serbian Revolution

UNFK advisor Srđa Popović, in 2000 led a group of artists, musicians and regular people to overthrow the Serbian government, and their dictator Slobodan Milošević (aka the Butcher of the Balkans).

They did it with no violence. How? They trained 40,000 people to do pranks.

For example, when Milosevic banned the playing of revolutionary music, they bought 1000 USB speakers and stashed them in piles of dog shit and trash all around the city. Then, they turned them all on at the same time.

The police were forced to either let the music echo throughout the city or dig through piles of shit to stop it.

Forcing them into situations like this eroded the public fear of authority and perpetuated a feedback cycle that brought down the f’ing government.

It’s funny, but it’s no joke

UNFK has developed the most comprehensive corporate climate database we’re aware of. We think of it like the Rotten Tomatoes of the climate movement.

We designed it to help the movement quickly identify the highest leverage ways to pressure corporations. See how your favorite brand stacks up.

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